Vision Statement

Lighting Design, in practice, covering a wide array of arts as well as practical needs. It simply does not stop on a stage augmenting the chilly late night right before dusk that the script calls for in Act 1 Scene 1. Today we see the need of this not only in a play but also in your local Church giving mood to the prayer service and then later giving proper light balance to the key speaker so he appears natural under the lens of a camera. A jewelry store with sharp cool light focused on the diamonds themselves giving an extra polish to the shiny nature of the stones. Then back to the stage of theatre where lighting supports and strengthens the core of the play or musical. So let me step back into this last realm of lighting and tell you where I fall as a designer of this unique art.

Lighting in my mind is more than just lighting the people so they are seen or showing off the work of the set designer. It rather is the process of taking a blank canvas of a stage, already decorated with people, glorious costumes, and beautiful sets; and painting the moods, the energy, and realities of the show. With the artistic vision of the director and the writer, the lighting designer translates these visions with the color, intensity, and direction of light. Giving a strong or subtle last touch to the production allowing the motivation of the piece to touch as deep as the patrons soul.

In saying this I am not of the opinion that nothing else is as important. But rather that as a whole everything must be in tune.  The necessity of a good design team working together to create a show is monumentally important. I am only as good as the people around me but in contrast they are only as good as I make them look.  It is by far a team effort to create a theatrical masterpiece.

To conclude I must state the obvious of who I am as a designer. I strive to hold the emotions of the piece in my lighting. Molding the actors into the world they are portraying. Giving life to the vision of the show to the credit of the director and his design team.

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