Nathan C. Gray, Based out of Philadelphia, Pa works as a lighting designer throughout Eastern Pennsylvania. His work has been seen at Allenberry Playhouse, Media Theatre, Franklin & Marshall College, Montgomery Theatre, Eastern University, Gretna Theatre, and various other companies and venues. His work goes past the skills of a designer to being the Master Electrician of Fulton Opera House and currently the over hire Master Electrician at Bristol Riverside Theatre as well as the Union House Electrician at DuPont Theatre in Wilmington Delaware. To further his skills and knowledge he has pursued work as a general stagehand working with various event and production companies, also marketing himself as a Scenic Carpenter.

His desires and goals are to leave people desiring to work with him again and to leave a good footprint of his work wherever he goes. He plans to reach out into the rest of the east coast doing theatrical designs but not just in theatre. Rather reaching into and mastering every aspect of lighting design within the broad entertainment industry.

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