Zions Bank Deposit Account Agreement

This app is intended for Zion bank account holders. Instantly view your account balance, paychecks (some restrictions and restrictions apply) with your camera, pay your bills, and make transfers between Zion`s internal bank accounts and even with external accounts. I have been a Zions customer for more than fifteen years. It was such a big bank that even though I moved east (for my work) and the nearest banking location is now over 800 miles away, I continued to bank with Zion. This app is almost like having a local bank branch in my pocket. Each function works simply and is very easy to use, with intuitively grouped functions. My only disgust, however, is that some of the navigation labels leave a bit to be desired. Once you`ve used the app, navigating the app is easy and natural. As I said, using a feature in the app is easy, finding the functionality in the app can be difficult until you have used the app several times and become familiar with it. The app really has great features and takes care of all my needs. I am able to easily and proactively monitor and manage my accounts, just as I prefer. However, it often throws me out.

It also never recognizes my fingerprint and does not save any settings to unlock/open/log in. I have no problem with this on other apps on my phone. Logging in is my biggest problem with the app as it fails and doesn`t allow me to get into my accounts all the time. The app is easy to navigate. The app is accurate with my bank statement and account information. It`s always saved me from a trip to the bank – just managing money with my phone. I only get a blank screen under the app settings screen, so biometric options can`t be enabled. I tried to uninstall and reinstall the app and I still don`t go. Biometrics (facial recognition) is enabled on my iPhone X and works well in other apps. This has been a problem in this app and on previous phones for finger recognition for over a year.

I am not happy that every time I open the application I have a security risk and not only do I have to re-enter my password, but also not register my login, even though the login can be saved on the login screen.***UPDATE: I read other comments and deleted the application again, because the developer suggested that others reported the same issue in previous articles. Although I know that I only tried to remove and reinstall the app 5 months ago, I thought it might be worth trying again. Surprisingly, it worked. Obviously, the developer really needs to work on fixing these issues without deleting the app again or at least giving a message to all mobile clients IN THE APP that the bug can`t be fixed with a single update. Why do so many people waste time when you know a solution and it happens with a wide range of iPhone users??? Do you really think that there are a lot of users who are willing to spend this kind of time telling you about your mistake? Do your customers a favor at zion`s bank and be a little more proactive in this regard. .

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