Topical Agreement

In this example, these three phases are presented in chronological order, but the biographical diagram is not necessarily chronological. For example, it could compare and contrast different stages of the subject`s life, or it could focus on the different achievements of the subject. Before that, we discussed in this chapter how you let your main points flow logically. In this section, you get a number of organization templates that allow you to create a logically organized speech. The first organizational model we will discuss is categorical/current. “We are impressed by Cannassure`s high standards and advanced approach to business development in the field of medical cannabis. For Lipidor, the agreement with Cannassure has considerable commercial potential and, based on the results of the feasibility study, we will come back with more detail on the size of this magnificent opportunity,” explains Ola Holmlund, CEO of Lipidor For these current types of testing, dividing the task into pieces – as one could cut a car into its components – makes writing a test immeasurablely easier. Conclusions: These recommendations regarding the use of topical and phototherapy products in psoriasis are evidence-based and are supported by a panel of dermatologists. The next step will be to disseminate these recommendations and evaluate the opinion of physicians who were not involved in drafting the recommendations.

Choosing an organizational style is an important step in the speechwriting process. .

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