Termination Of Lease Agreement By Tenant Philippines

This is a studio. 1) The tenant has 2 months` rent + incidentals (from June 14 to August 13). A landlord can force me to sign a voucher to pay for my 2 months late until September 2nd. It can`t be just for a month for now. 2) Today, August 22, they separated the water. 3) He asked for a voucher to pay the full two months of delay until September 2 (the tenant can possibly pay 1 month on that day). 4) If no fulkk payment is made before September 2, they will separate the electricity and issue a mailing letter for September 13. 4) Until September 13, they will lock the device. Please indicate the rights of a tenant that can help them solve this problem. Your landlord-tenant relationship is not working for you? You don`t need to retreat with a difficult tenant or deal with disputes. As a landlord, you should be aware of your right to terminate a lease in advance in certain circumstances. It is also important that you know when your tenant can legitimately request the early termination of a lease.

Hello, I just want to know what are the legal actions against my problem right now. The apartment I wanted to rent has a deposit rule of 1 month and 2 months before moving in. As I don`t really have any cash at that time, I only gave 2 months of deposit and promised that I will send the money after 2 days. But after a day, I decided not to rent the house because it was really small. We haven`t signed the contract yet, because we haven`t moved yet. Our moving plan is after two days. The secretary never told me that the deposit was non-refundable. When I asked for the money, the secretary told me that the money was non-refundable and that we could no longer have it. Please advise the right to rent under Philippine law? That`s 15,000 h. Pls. Pls advisor. Thank you very much for your time Article 1669.

If the lease has been concluded for a fixed period, it ends on the fixed day, without the need for a claim. (1565) Article 1688. If the owner of a house or part of it is used as an apartment for a family or if the owner of a store or industrial establishment also rents the furniture, the rental of the latter is considered to be for the duration of the rental of the premises. (1582) And if we had already signed an agreement with the presence of a lawyer in our Baranggay and our tenant also signed and indicated that if they had not ever paid the rent or the electricity bill and the water bill, we had them 1mo. we still have the right to dislodge them on the basis of the agreement we have agreed upon? It is very necessary to think twice or as often as possible when it comes to rental business….

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