Foreign Collaboration Agreement Format

22. It is expected that the Indian company will be able to at least. Objects of these machines every year. In case Indian society doesn`t. without an acceptable reason for the foreign company, it has the possibility to terminate this agreement with a period of three months in advance. 6. All issued shares must be paid in full to the company in cash and/or in kind, but no further shares may be issued without the prior consent of the parties. Yes, you are. The parties shall have a preferential subscription right in relation to the number of shares held by each of them in respect of a new issue of shares of the company, subject to the agreement of SEBI, if necessary. 31. Any dispute and/or difference between the Parties with respect to this Agreement, including Annex A, the obligations, powers or commitments, or any of the Parties below, or with respect to the construction of a clause of this Agreement, or any act or thing to be done in accordance with it or resulting from anything arising therefrom; that it be referred to a sole arbitrator in accordance with the provisions of the Indian Arbitration & Conciliation Act 1996, whether during the continuation of this Agreement or, at or after the termination of this Agreement, by an act of either party.

2. The foreign company shall export such machinery to the Indian company in the Indian ports indicated by the Indian company, in the quantities declared by the Indian company, but subject to availability with the foreign company. The machines are exported by the foreign company by opening credits with a bank in India through the foreign bankers of the first on behalf of the Indian company, at the price of the machines agreed between the parties, as shown below. The foreign company will grant the Indian company a credit facility for the payment of the price of such machines for export to India, on such terms as may be agreed from time to time and subject to the authorization of the Government of India and/or the Reserve Bank of India if necessary. 31. In this Agreement, the term “know-how” includes technical information such as inventories, formulas, engineering and manufacturing techniques, scientific data, calculations, specifications, drawings, standards, sketches and all other relevant information and knowledge. . . .

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