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TOMIA was born from the merger of Starhome Mach and Telarix, industry veterans of roaming and interconnecting. TOMIA offers transformative connectivity solutions for service providers around the world. Its innovative offering enables customers to manage a consistent roaming and interconnection optimization process, while promoting the future of connectivity through new technologies and services such as VoLTE, NFV and 5G. With more than 500 employees worldwide, regional headquarters in the United States, Israel, Luxembourg, India and a presence in more than 30 countries, Tomia handles more than 400 operators, including 30 Tier-1s and six of the largest groups in the sector. For more information, see www.tomiaglobal.com. JSC Ingenium is a telecommunications engineering company specializing in 3G/4G CORE NETWORK products and services for mobile operators -MNOs and MVNOs. Currently, the company is operational in more than ten countries, from which it offers services to more than 60 different MVNOs and MNOs worldwide. JSC Ingenium offers a full range of 3G – 4G Core Network Infrastructure and complements its offering of BSS solutions to deliver turnkey solutions to its customers. The new TaaS offer – Telco as a Service – allows for the first time a complete cloud solution for mobile operators. Mobileum offers analytics solutions that generate revenue, reduce costs and accelerate digital transformation for more than 600 communications service providers in 150 countries.

Mobileum`s mission is to expand and protect existing sources of CSP and increase new revenue through business model innovation. We focus on specific areas such as roaming, fraud – security and digital transformation. Mobileum`s success is based on its unique Active Intelligence platform, which combines real-time analytics and action technologies with strong network and integration know-how to deliver end-to-end solutions. Mobileum is headquartered in California`s Silicon Valley and branches worldwide. Develop and maintain roaming and connection models, solutions and frameworks, as shown below: Arptel is the market and technology leader in language testing (CLI/FAS/MOS/FAX/OTT), including native roaming testing. Other state-of-the-art solutions provided by Arptel are SMS testing, location-based services (LBS) and single bypass recognition with real subscriber testing and detection of billing fraud with A-numbers. All solutions are adapted to turnover, emigration rate, resource use and reputation. Arptel has more than 260 customers, many of them among the world`s largest telcos. The Arptel is an expert in technologies and standards such as RNIS, SIP, SS7 and diameters with their own developed HLR, MSC/VLR, AuC, SMSC and IN. The rare combination of user-friendly business solutions, advanced back-end and 100% control of second-hand technologies gives Arptel the opportunity to follow its customers or guide them into the future.

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