Viking Shipowner Agreement

More than 1,500 shipowners already have a VIKING shipowner contract. 98% renew their contract and 70% renew their contract during the duration of the contract. The new business concept has been developed as the largest and most individual service agreements in the sector and has become an overnight success among shipowners around the world. Unlike market alternatives, VIKING agreements were put in place to provide flexible conditions for lifeboats and diving suits, and were extended to lifeboats and even ship fire protection equipment. At the same time, the agreements offer a large number of fixed-price options to ensure that shipowners know exactly what they can expect and how much it will cost. Successfully tested last year with selected customers, VIKING is now doing a lot of publicity for the latest addition to its shipowner contract concept. Called “Safety Management,” it`s an end-to-end solution that introduces dynamic and digital service optimization in addition to premium security products, proactive planning and the execution of specific services at fixed prices, with contracts already signed for thousands of ships – with a contract renewal rate of 98 percent. A security solution. A global partner. Safety Products Lifeboats and Accessories Canoes, Hooks and Davits Marine Marine Fire Equipment Personal Protection Equipment Fixed Price Service Contract Rescue Contract Rescue Contract at VIKING Network VIKING GESTION Notification Service Certificate Management Certificates Planning And Notification Global Servicing Finance n Replacement Options n Liferaft-ErsatzVersicherung Nach Henrik Uhd , another aspect of the company`s success with the offer of the shipowner`s contract is another aspect of the company`s success as the average volume of contracts signed continues to increase. Results for the first quarter of 2010 show a continuation of this trend and continue to fuel the company`s growth after an impressive 2009 annual financial report. After the recent acquisitions of Navy firefighters and the prestigious supplier of lifeboats and Davit, Norsafe, the installation of products and services, available under the aegis of the armatorial agreement, has never been more important.

“For example, our enhanced multi-brand canoe service offering is unmatched and powered by OEM quality, serving our customers directly and at fixed prices in more than 100 major ports around the world – the rest is effectively covered by flying squads. In addition, our contract customers also have access to premium life-saving life-saving parachutes. In addition, thanks to our state-of-the-art VIKING Safety Academy training systems and 288 certified service stations, our customers can easily access the entire circuit value chain, which guarantees 360-degree asset and crew safety with full compliance – by a supplier from around the world!¬†We change with you Now, only an agreement can be gradually extended to cover all your security and service equipment in development. Start with a comprehensive agreement from VIKING shipowners or, if necessary, simply add ships and safety products. It is a unique customizable concept that covers almost all products and brands in a variety of predictable fixed pricing structures. And it makes sure you know exactly what you`re getting n How much it`s going to cost n How can you change your current Instant Benefits contract n Simplify with a set of conditions, and add new services to…

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